Spring Training Camp at Ammex MFG

Ammex Factory-based Technical Training is an overwhelming customer support program, expected by existing and potential clients for improving equipment operation techniques of their drilling crew.

Ammex is proud to host the 2023 Spring Training Camp at our Shandong manufacturing facility.

Drillers Learning and teaching program

Ammex provides superior organization and coordination for the training program focused on equipment operation, maintenance and drilling techniques. We take care of every specific topics and organize the program to go in a most interactive way, e.g. learning while teaching. In this arrangement, every participate takes the role of both the trainees and trainers. Knowledge sharing is a basic brick for the program to go impressively.

Practicing as Real Site Operation

Ammex provides training facilities for meeting room presentation, workshop discussion and drill platform practicing. Our drilling instructors are ready to share their worksite experience and facilitate your involvement of input. The program is going in a scheduled process while offers customized discussions for both the beginners and the advanced professionals.

Free Tuition and Work Lunch

Ammex expects for your participation! Training tuition is free! Local transportation is provided! Hotel reservation is supported with discounted rate.

Contact us for registration!

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