Underground Core Drill



The UX800 is a logic-control medium-depth underground coring drill with world-class advanced technology of the industry. The drill is compact design and modular arrangement to meet specific needs of operating conditions. The unique positioning mechanism if easy for setting up and capable of drilling in all angles, from vertically up to vertically down.


  • The compact chuck-type rotation unit provides torque, speed, reliability and performance. The integrated gearbox is fully variable-control offering increased controllability.
  • The rod holder, fully synchronized with the chuck, is operated by a hydraulic cylinder and a long-life gas spring ensuring high holding force and quick operation.
  • The control panel is pilot-hydraulic-control design equipped with user-friendly interface and monitoring gauges. The buttons and knobs are well crafted for hand comfort and operation accuracy providing excellent ergonomic control of the rig, as well as improved safety and productivity.
  • E-stop buttons on the control panel and the drill rig ensure urgent system shutoff against accidental situations.
  • The feed frame is projected by a full-length guard which is easy for manual positioning at any of the several retaining points.
Specifications for UX800
UX1000Siemens Electrical Motor
Power rate75 KW
Rod sizeB/N/H
Drilling depth1200m (B)
Type of rotation headGear-driven transmission + Chuck
Max rotation speed1200 RPM
Max torque1800 Nm
Max feeding force89 KN
Max pullback force89 KN
Wire line winch1200m capacity (5mm)
Rod holderGas spring
Working weight2200 Kg
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UX1000 working at site, Yunnan, Oct 2021

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