F800D Completed Task on 5700m Altitude

“We are making a record for high-altitude drilling service in the history of our company. The project of 3000m multi-metal exploration drilling has been completed 30 days before the required ending time. The job is conducted at extremely challenges of high-altitude drilling tasks. The team and the equipment all performed very well”, Mr. Yang Yuan, Project Manager of Nanjiang Drilling Company, replies to the interview.

In June 2022, Nanjing Drilling started the drilling contract at 5700 m altitude in a remote exploration area south of Xinjiang. For the main drilling equipment, Nanjing selected Ammex F800D modular portable core drill due to the expected reliability and productivity at harsh working conditions.

“We completed the job of 3000m in less than 3 months just before the snow season came back to the plateau. The drill has many good features to deal highland jobs. The power output, reliability and efficiency all meet our expectations for a tough machine for tough tasks”, Yan Yuan explained.

Nanjiang is highly satisfactory with the F800D and shows an intention to purchase more units for the following seasons.

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