F1000DH Portable Drills Shipping to Russia

Feb 17, 2023,  a couple of days before the Chinese New Year, AMMEX staff spent an extremally busy day preparing shipment of a batch of drilling equipment to Russia.

The shipping includes 4 units of F1000DH modular portable core drill and 4 units of AM180 pumping station.

The F1000DH is the largest model of AMMEX Frontier portable drill series. The drill’s chuck-type rotation unit is compact design and lightweight design while offers excellent drilling torque and speed. The integrated hydraulic system is industry-edge technology offering safe, reliable and productive drilling operation. The drill is said to be the most advanced and most powerful one of its types currently in the industry.

The shipment was a partial delivery of a contract with Ammex distribution partner in Russia. Later on, more delivery will be arranged under the same order.

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