Wireline Tools

AMMEX offers a full range of core barrels, head assemblies, inner tube, outer tube, overshoots and other relevant accessories. Every component of the Ammex wireline drilling tools is manufactured with the highest quality workmanship in the industry and is designed to be fully interchangeable with global systems.

Core Barrel Assemblies

AMMEX supplies high-performance international-standard core barrel assemblies, which are manufactured with first-class craftmanship and top-quality alloy materials.

AMMEX core barrel assemblies can be classified as surface series, underground and multi-purpose series. There three types of core barrel latch including the traditional spring latch and link Latch as well as the new-type Edge Latch. The latter is tested to be more reliable and becomes more popular in the market. 

Overshoot Assemblies

AMMEX overshots are made of heavy-duty components, such as the lifting dog and jar staff, for enhanced durability and easy maintenance.

The overshot is lowered to grab a secure hold at the top of the inner-tube assembly. The safety sleeve provides a quick lock of the overshot lifting dogs to the spearpoint and avoids accidental release of the inner tube assembly during handling.

Inner and Outer Tubes

AMMEX supplies industry standard Inner Tubes and Outer Tubes made of high-quality alloy materials.

AMMEX’s inner and outer tubes are produced according to DCDMA technical standard, which are compatible with mainstream products from global supplies. The tubes ensure accurate length and diameter for perfect fit, reliability and performance.

Wireline Accessories

AMMEX supplies industry standard Wireline Accessories as integral parts of the wireline system.

AMMEX’s wireline accessories are made of the best materials of the industry. The specifications are compatible with products from global supplies. 

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