Coring Rods and Casings

With R&D and manufacturing partners in Canada and China, AMMEX coring rods and casings are manufactured from industry-advanced machining and heat-treatment technology with high-quality seamless steel tubes, delivering superior performance to your drilling operation. 

Rod & Casing Products

AMMEX’s rods & casing are manufactured to accurate designs ensuring quality joins as well as compatibility with mainstream industry products. 

AMME drill rod product line includes the industry standard ‘Q’ and ‘T’ thread designs as well as the thin-wall (TW) series. 

Quality Assurance

AMMEX coring rods and casings are manufactured to withstand difficult drilling conditions and provide long life.

AMMEX wireline rods are thru-wall heat-treated at both the pin and box end of the tubes before machining. This assures extended material strength and greater wear resistance. Threads are precisely machined on high-accurate soft-line CNC machines gain the best eccentricity and precision of the machining. 

The pin end will then be further treated by case-hardening with high-frequency induction. The harness of the pin crest will be nominal 55
HRc to avoid adhesion wear between threads of equal hardness. 

The manufacturing process, from material selection to manufacturing, packaging and warehouse handling, is controlled by a team of experienced professionals.  You can be confident that every rod that leaves the factory will meet your expectation.

Packing Method

Rods and casing products are oil-coated and packed with international practices for easy and safe handling during transportation.

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