Modular Portable Drill



F300D is a small model of the AMMEX Frontier portable drill series. Frontier drills are modular design works well within a 4mx4m platform. The structure is made of high-strength aluminium fabrications, ensuring high standards of toughness with limited weight of rig (max wight of module: 160-180 Kg). When road-access is limited, the drills can be handled along the small trails by manpower, giving outstanding advantages in a variety of terrain conditions.


  • The drill head is compact, top-drive and lightweight design. With the use of high and low speed hydraulic motors, the head is suitable for variable drilling conditions.
  • The ergonomic control panel unit consists of all the power and hydraulic control systems. All powerpack operation is controlled on the panel unit requiring no need for operation of each individual engine.
  • The integrated hydraulic valve group utilizes modern technology of hydraulic distribution for the drilling and supportive functions ensuring highly reliable controllable performance of the drill.
  • With a unique design in the industry, the head carriage realizes real-time adjustment on sliding engagement, allowing constant feeding stability. Change of the wearing plates is extremely easy from outside of the carriage.
  • The Rod holder is dual-direction hydraulic drive, fast response, lightweight and flexible for operation.
  • The Water swivel is compact design and coaxial jet style, offering high wear resistance and easy maintenance.
Specifications for F300D
Power packKubota V1505T
Power rate33 KW
Rod sizeB/N/H
Drilling depth600m (B)
Type of rotation headTop drive
Max rotation speed1200 RPM
Max torque1200 Nm
Max feeding force56 KN
Max pullback force108 KN
Wire line winch400m capacity (5mm)
Rod holderHydraulic-driven, safety lock
Working weight1800 Kg
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F300D training at site, Shandong, Oct 2022

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