Surface Core Drill



The CX1600 fully represents world-class advanced technology of exploration core drilling equipment. The drill features a long-stoke direct feed system, a telescopic feed mast, an auto-sliding head and a powerful main winch. The well-designed hydraulic system and the high-standard working units ensure efficiency for various drilling challenges.


  • Canadian-origin Christensen rotation unit and Funk Gearbox achieving fast running speed with high torque output.
  • Powerful Main Hoist works efficiently and reliably offering accurate control on hoisting speed and braking safety.
  • New telescopic mast with auto raising, extending and dumping functions offers easy setting up for both working and transportation process.
  • Updated hydraulic rod holder with weight-lock function provides fast action of rod clamping, improved reliability and reduced service need.
  • Radio control crawler track offers enhanced mobility and safety.
Specifications for CX1600
Powerpack153 KW Diesel Engine
Rod sizeB/N/H/P
Drilling depth1600m (B)
Rotation head4-speed transmission + Chuck
Max torque5500 Nm
Max pullback force138 KN
Main hoist120 KN fullback force
Crawler trackHeavy-duty, radio control

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CX1600 demo upon customer visit to AMMEX factory, April 2021

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