UX1000 Working at Deepest Mine in Asia

Two UX1000 underground core drill are now working at a worksite 1600m deep from the surface at Huize Zinc Mine, Yunan Province of South China.

As the deepest operating mine in Asia, Huize has been in operation for 5o years and has just been integrated to the Yuntong Branch of China Aluminium Group. The first task of the newly employed UX1000 drills is to fulfil 4500m deep-hole drilling in about two months.

“The task is a part of our strategic National-level drilling plan, and we have to finish it before the yearend. The drilling angles, the depth requirement as well the complicated rock formation give us lots of challenges. That is why we decided to get in the advanced UX drills and believe that they are going to show us good performance”, GM of China Aluminium Resource Inc. commented.

The drilling site is now ready, training conducted, and the operation will start soon.

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