Located in Beijing and Shandong, China, Ammex is a dedicated supplier of high-performance drilling equipment and consumables to clients in the mineral exploration and geo-engineering industry. Built with world-class manufacturing expertise, AMMEX products are well trusted by high-demanding clients worldwide for quality, reliability and productivity. 

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Ammex provides a full range of high-performance drilling equipment for geotechnical and mineral exploration tasks, including heavy-duty surface coring drill rigs, underground coring drill rigs, hydra-intelligent underground coring drill rigs, modular portable coring drill rigs, multipurpose geotechnical drill rigs, drilling tools and consumables. 

Inspired by Exploration

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For the last two decades, Ammex has been growing with well-established competences from the team’s wealth of experience working with global partners in industry.  Backed by our consistent pursuit for technology innovation and manufacturing excellency, Ammex is trusted by the most demanding clients worldwide for expectations in QUALITY, RELIABILITY, PRODUCTIVITY.

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Hardwork Values!

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The team’s core values are represented by our inspiration for technology innovation and business professionalism, as well as our commitment to sustainable social responsibilities. 

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Partner of Advanced Drilling Solutions
Hardwork Values